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House panel advances bill exempting tampons from sales tax

Tampons and Pads

A panel of legislators today approved a bill to exempt tampons, diapers and baby formula from sales taxes.

HB2217 also exempts sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges, menstrual cup, other feminine hygiene products, and adult diapers from the sales tax. The tax exemptions would expire in 2026.

The measure squeaked by the House Ways and Means, 5-4, with the support of two Republicans and all Democrats on the panel. It will also need the approval of the House Health Committee before making it to debate on the floor.

The bill is Tucson Democratic Rep. Daniel Hernandez’s second attempt to rid the state of its tampon tax. A similar bill last year passed one committee, but fizzled out before reaching the House floor.

This time, Hernandez has three Republican cosponsors: Reps. Drew John, Todd Clodfelter and Michelle Ugenti-Rita.

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